Parent and Student Testimonials

We began working with Ali in the Fall of 2020 after watching our 6 year-old (first grade) daughter fall behind in reading and in math. The hybrid nature of school was really challenging for our daughter and our entire family was struggling to help her accelerate her learning. From day one Ali was able to put our minds at ease. Our sessions have been 100% virtual and 200% effective. Elsa BEAMS the entire 1 hour session, she is engaged and is steadily making improvements. It is truly outstanding that Ali is able to have this kind of impact in a virtual environment. Elsa looks forward to each session which is so important- we want her to love learning. The proof of Ali's mastery is in Elsa's scores: when we began with Ali, Elsa was reading at a level D- she was behind in all areas of reading and in some areas of math. After only 5 months of weekly tutoring Elsa has jumped to reading level G, is actively reading on her own, and loves doing her math homework. Ali is our magical Mary Poppins- she is just the best!

- Jocelyn D.

Ms. Ali is like an extended member of our family. We are immensely thankful for her time and patience with our daughter. It's been more than a year since we embarked on a virtual tutoring relationship, which has blossomed into one of emotional understanding and coaching going from Grade 4 to Grade 5. Ms. Ali is proficient in various subject matter, savvy with online instruction, and bridges effectively between student, teacher, and parent. She is also receptive to our inputs to shape the learning experience based on our daughter's real-time progress or curricular focus. We anticipate Ms. Ali being a part of our daughter's educational journey for years to come!

- Vikrant and Sandhya N.

I can’t say enough wonderful things about AliWe worked with her in person and also remotely during Covid. Ali was kind, reliable, patient, flexible, and connected with Ava on a personal level to make her feel special and accomplished. Ava always looked forward to her sessions with Ali. She communicated with Ava’s other teachers to get the most relevant information and work on the things Ava needed to focus on most. During the time Ali was our tutor, Ava’s focus and grades improved as did her love of learning.   

 - Erica A. 

My family has had the pleasure of welcoming Ali into our home to work with our 3 children (grades 1st, 3rd, and 4th) to focus on building a strong writing foundation and to supplement what they are getting through school.  Ali was able to motivate each of my kids to find topics they enjoy and showed them how writing can be fun. She follows the Lucy Calkins curriculum which mirrored what they were learning in school and really gave them the solid foundation that we were hoping for. Ali was able to pivot easily when things came up like needing to switch to remote tutoring or when we asked her to switch gears to focus on math. Ali was able to find the just right challenge for each of my kids to keep them engaged without feeling the burnout from the added work. My children look forward to working with Ali because they feel she helps them to understand the concepts better and throughout the revision process they really gain a sense of pride and accomplishment in their final pieces.

- Lea R. 

Ali has been tremendous in supporting both our kids (ages 9 and 11) to develop as students and learners. We were particularly worried about their ability to organize and structure their work, as well as taking responsibility for thorough completion of tasks. Our kids like Ali a lot and look forward to their time together. It is so obvious that the time is spent engaged in a fun yet focused way, with a clear sense of progress. In a short time they have grown in confidence both academically and in terms of their study habits. Reminders from their teachers to complete overdue assignments have completely dried up! Our previous tutors were fine, but Ali brings a superb level of emotional support that meets the kids wherever they are and gets the best out of them. She’s a real cut above the rest.

- Dan H. and Rana K. 

Ali has been an amazing tutor for both of my kids  - aged 10 and 12 -  for the past couple of years. Even after a long school day, my kids look forward to the sessions because they know she genuinely cares for them, and is there to support them in fun, engaging ways. If their confidence is faltering, she's there to lift them up without judgement. If they accomplish a goal, she's there to celebrate with them. She regularly collaborates with parents and the kids' school teachers to understand and address their unique needs. She is a sweet, thoughtful, skillful educator. I only wish we had met her sooner!

- Meric Y. 

Ali has been working with my 8 year-old daughter since September 2020. Her kind, gentle, and playful manner with children makes our weekly tutoring sessions something my daughter looks forward to. Always punctual and professional, Ali is fantastic at making learning fun! My daughter was a grade level behind her peers at the start of the school year and I’m happy to report that her most recent assessment showed that she was not only caught up but excelling, thanks to the extra help and attention. Thank you Ali!

- Allison S. 

My 2nd grade son has been working with Ali since the beginning of the school year on a weekly basis.  He always looks forward to working with her and says she's a "fun" teacher.  Ali has a special way of connecting with the kids to make learning engaging.  She's great about keeping them on the right learning path while also recognizing when she has to slow down, back up, or give the kids a break to run around outside.  My son describes Ali as a "fun" teacher with a good sense of humor and "not frustrating". 

- Lindsay W. 

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